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Making a Match is the Point
It's official. Information technology has forever altered the practice of public relations. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the discipline of mainstream media and blogger relations. Today one fact is painfully clear: careless media relations can ruin a PR person's reputation, while thoughtful media engagement can create buzz and drive business results. This is where MatchPoint comes in.

The Old Way
The way in which PR professionals have traditionally identified journalists for their story ideas has not changed in decades. The profession has always relied on data such as a journalist's title, beat and/or geographical location for building media lists.

That information, pulled from books, CDs, and searchable online databases, is simply inadequate for determining journalists' true editorial interests, and their appropriateness for a specific story pitch. This issue exploded recently when Wired editor Chris Anderson, frustrated by the number of misguided PR pitches he receives, published the email addresses of all offending PR people, in effect blackballing them and their companies from pitching the magazine and website.

The Better Way
With the introduction of MatchPoint, PR professionals have at their fingertips an entirely new application that identifies reporters and bloggers based on what they actually have written, not on some vague title or reporting beat. Just enter a press release, pitch letter or several keywords into the "Point" column, and click "Match."

The MatchPoint engine produces a list of journalists, ranked by relevance based on their bodies of work culled from a database of more than 11,000 news sources, 25,000 online news sites and 10,000 blogs. And, to make this list even more useful to PR practitioners, MatchPoint includes journalists' current contact information and their previous coverage.

Making a Match is the Point. MatchPoint!
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