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 Media Frustration
PR Newser 6/7/2010
Venture Capitalist Says PR Firm 'Sucks *ss' For Emailing Him Off Topic Pitches
Twitter 4/6/2010
gauravbhaskar: WTF - Adfactors has sent me a invite for a press conference on my official Id - when will they ever learn - #PR SPAM
Twitter 4/6/2010
seaninsound: Apologies if I owe you an email. Been sick for past week. Your mail is in a queue, behind 6,000 or so others. Most of it is band/pr spam.
Twitter 4/6/2010
dahowlett: Response: "You now have a choice - send me stuff that matters to me or be relegated to my PR spam alert." #prsux
Twitter 3/10/2010
Geeklawyer: I get more PR spam than Viagra ads.
Twitter 3/10/2010
charlesarthur:: OK, enough playing even half-nice. From now on all PR spam will be marked Spam with Google. The deluge is just ridiculous.
Twitter 3/09/2010
robotjohnny: PR spam, I hate you as much as any other kind of PR spam, but I kind of love that to unsubscribe I have to reply with CANCELLAMI.
Twitter 3/09/2010
SabrinaDent:: Whoever is doing PR for Disney in Ireland should be taken out back and shot.
PR Newser 2/19/2010
Friday Fun: When Google Ads Go Wrong
Tech Crunch 2/19/2010
I Pissed Off A PR Spammer Today
Twitter 2/08/2010
ibogost: I love how PR spam always claims it is "following up."
Twitter 2/05/2010
juleszunich: #PR SPAM: Every agency should have anti-spam policy; make Directors sign off on every media list for every pitch; each name accounted for.
Marcom Professional 2/03/2010
Media databases promote mechanical networks
Stuart Bruce 2/02/2010
An inconvenient PR truth: experience and training are what counts
Twitter 1/27/2010
fruhlinger: Best PR spam email subject ever? "Greetings Writer,"User Profiles for Antivirus Software UIs" Please Blog for Prizes"
Twitter 1/26/2010
kag2u: My inbox filling with Superbowl PR spam is starting to annoy me even more than the Superbowl.
Twitter 1/21/2010
squawkfox: My inbox is filled with bad PR spam. "Dear Blogger, I love your site" is laughable.
Curious Capitalist 1/20/2010
How e-mail became more frivolous than Twitter
Eugene Byrne 1/17/2010
PR Spam
Twitter 1/13/2010
Sam_Cookney: Is PR spam the new chlamydia? about 2 hours ago from web
Borkowski Blog 1/13/2010
PR Spam: The New Chlamydia?
Twitter 1/6/2010
globalgeeknews: Getting ready to send emails to everybody who sent me CES PR spam. It is a violation of the Global Geek News Terms of Use. Should be fun :)
Twitter 1/6/2010
joshkaufman: I've officially made it as a business blogger: just received my first "media" PR spam from the Ford Motor Company.
Twitter 12/21/2009
zpower: the fastest way to lose my attention in a PR spam (and yes, this is real):
Twitter 12/17/2009
tshisler: Lots of PR spam today. Not a big deal though; the good #PR peeps still rise to the top.
Twitter 12/17/2009
SFAllShookDown: I don't think it gets any less personal than a "holiday card" that's just a spam PR email.
Twitter 12/17/2009
ChrisFerdinandi: most of the SPAM I get now is actually from PR peeps sending me irrelevant emails.
Twitter 12/17/2009
clintboulton: Spam Lunacy= 3 PR reps pitching the same company and weak news item for weeks on end -- ALL SEPARATELY.
Twitter 12/16/2009
MyPRGuide: I don't like using a mass mail system like that for PR. Often looks like SPAM in my experience.
Twitter 12/16/2009
talegends: most PR folks essentially just spam the blogosphere, too. they don't pay attention to content/bands like they should.
Twitter 12/16/2009
EverywhereTrip: I get angry because the only contact I have from most PR people is getting spam press releases.
Twitter 12/15/2009
iainmhepburn: Seriously, if a PR sent me something 10 times, I'd have them banned as spam and block their IP. Five is pushing it as it is.
Twitter 12/15/2009
jtramsay: I hate PR spam, especially pitches for outlets with which I no longer work.
Twitter 12/11/2009
deanbetz: Trying to track down the latest company responsible for sending me a flood of PR spam. I *will* find and expose you, just like the last one.
Twitter 12/11/2009
justinglow: There's no spam like CES PR spam.
Twitter 12/3/2009
What publicists don't know, by Hillary Johnson
As a journalist for 20 years, I've gotten my share of PR spam, and worked with a handful of publicists who were actually good at what they do. What does a good publicist do? A good publicist recognizes that their "clients" are actually the publications, not the companies. The companies that pay for PR benefit only as a result of the publication's editorial needs being met, and that only happens when the publicist offers the publication something that is genuinely helpful, having studied it and even, God forbid, asked the editor what kind of information they like to receive. In TechDirt's case, as Mike has said, the best approach may be to not approach at all, or to contribute in the way Mike has identified: by commenting. Leaving an intelligent comment on a much-read blog is pretty good PR any way you slice it, whatever the topic under discussion. Publicists who spam, harass and otherwise attempt to badger publications into writing about them should be fired. The only reason they aren't is that they're the ones telling the client what constitutes good PR. Sigh.
Twitter 11/30/2009
rmpapag: Is #Cision Accountable for #PR Spam? No I say look at the sender; BUT I should be able 2 opt-out easily/permanently
K.O. 12/1/09
Pitch Control PR = Spam Outfit?
Twitter 11/30/2009
abstractg: More marketing/PR spam. What would I like to ask Curtis Stone in an online chat by Coles? Aside from where he gets his hair done, not a lot.
Twitter 11/24/2009
ScottKirsner: @myprgenie You send unsolicited commercial email. Please abide by the FTC's opt-out rules and journos may not hate you and your custs.
Twitter 11/24/2009
ScottKirsner: No luck reaching CEO of @MyPRGenie, Miranda Tan, to complain about their violation of FTC's CAN-SPAM Act: "Voicemail unavailable." Ha!
Twitter 11/24/2009
ScottKirsner: Companies: send your press releases using @MyPRGenie to alienate journalists forever.
Twitter 11/24/2009
ScottKirsner: I am pretty sure the scammers at @MyPRGenie are responsible for 90% of my PR spam, with no opt-out option.
Twitter 11/20/2009
DerekMarkham: Sending a press release to bloggers? Ask yourself "Is this really newsworthy? Or just PR spam?"
Twitter 11/20/2009
slantsmcgee: really not into being on the receiving end of PR spam mail wars about "destroying each other" peppered with farcical rasta quotations
Twitter 11/18/2009
LauraGiovanelli: One of weirdest PR spam ever: Black Friday cocktail recipe, made with bourbon, garnished with crushed lime (to represent yr $, or lack of).
Twitter 11/18/2009
MaternalSpark: the ramp up to the holidays is resulting in a lot of PR spam to my inbox. Stop the madness!
Twitter 11/16/2009
Miscmum: Some days the PR Spam gets me down. This'd be one of those days.
Twitter 11/14/2009
venturehacks: I get more PR spam than real spam. Startups, please ask your PR people to stop sending PR spam. Make a NO PR SPAM pledge.
Twitter 11/11/2009
ecosalon: Aha! A real person! @ruthmcfarland Pls help w/ removal from Cision. Involuntarily added; I get calls to my cell all hrs + endless PR spam
Twitter 11/11/2009
ericgardenfork: Heartland Brewery NYC is the ultimate spammer: put my email and 1300+ others in the CC: field of a PR spam blast. smart...
Twitter 11/10/2009
tshelton: found out where all my PR spam is coming from -- somehow I got onto a mailing list being sold by maybe you also @unmarketing
Twitter 11/5/2009
greenwellys: ouch! @nsmw your school meals media photocall twitter targetting should be a little bit more relevant or it's just pr spam
Twitter 10/26/2009
chayday: Maybe it's an oxy moron (with spam), but if you're going to PR spam me, could you at least PR spam me on topic?
Twitter 10/26/2009
ktumulty: PR spam getting totally out of hand. I'm looking at you,
Twitter 10/21/2009
CubanaLAF: Hey Company. If you e-mail me w/o my consent about your product that 'stops PR spam' aren't you being a hypocrite?
/Message 10/15/09
SPAM Apologist PRNewser Is On The Wrong Side
PR Newser 10/15/09
PR Spam Can Be Annoying, But It's Not Illegal
/Message 10/14/09
Chris Kenton Uncovers Spam Mafia
Motivelab Logo 10/14/09
Is Cision Accountable for PR Spam?
Crisisblogger Logo 9/22/09
Bad PR in the Social Media World
Advertising Age 8/19/09
PR, E-Mail, Social Media: FAIL
PR Spammers 8/14/09
PR Companies Who Spam Bloggers
Twitter 6/18/2009
vindugoel: On Vocus -- do they sell the e-mail contact lists also? I get more inappropriate pitches through Vocus than any other way.
Twitter 6/18/2009
vindugoel: To all you PR folks out there: Does anyone use VocusPR's software to send releases to journalists? 4/14/09
PR Isn't The Enemy
Scobleizer 4/7/09
A private note to PR people
Journalistics 3/24/09
CAN-SPAM and PR Pitches
The Flack Logo 2/20/09
Misguided and Irrelevant
Journalistics 2/09/09
Can PR Spam Be Stopped?
Hyku 3/4/08
Jackie Huba is Also Getting Vocus Spam
Church of the Customer 3/3/08
Out of Vocus
Neil Turner's Blog 2/7/08
Open Letter to Vocus PR
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