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PR Spam
As a journalist or blogger, you're all too familiar with unsolicited and irrelevant PR pitches filling your email inbox from publicists you don't know. You've probably wondered why more of them haven't taken the time to learn where your editorial interests truly lie.

MatchPoint was expressly developed to address this persistent problem, and in so doing eliminate PR spam. This new and much-talked-about tool for PR professionals uses sophisticated search technology to allow PR pros to find you, the journalist, based on your cumulative body of work. It can also assist you as a journalist by:

  • Increasing the number of relevant story ideas you receive
  • Allowing you to research existing coverage of stories you're considering
  • Ensuring your accessibilty through updated contact information
  • Saving time by quickly identifying "MatchPoint-approved" pitches in your inbox
  • Allowing you to rate the relevance and quality of each PR pitch. (Consistently low-rated PR pros will be banned from using the service.)
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